I am Unity: Carta Monir

Artist Carta Monir covers the top half of their face with their left hand in bed. The audience is looking down on them and their pillow, the tops of their bare shoulders framed by dark long locks of hair.

Unity at the Initiative: a multi-site visual exhibition and at-home experience centering art by and for Queer and Trans Artists of Color. I am:_____ is a blog series to get to know our partners.

My work combines images and prose to tackle themes of family, memory, trauma, gender, and sex.

Carta Monir (she/her) is a zine-maker, publisher, and pornographer living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 



Finish this sentence with a word or two: I am a:_______

trans woman

What's the most half-baked hobby you took on since the COVID-19 shutdown?

Instant photography

What are you binge-watching?

The Sopranos

What's the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

Probably something on twitter

If you were to create a signature skate move, what would the move involve/look like?

If I had to do it? Probably falling down and getting severely injured. If I didn't have to do it? Cumming while doing a 360 on a half pipe.

Anything you'd like to share with the world?

I'm 6'1"