I am Unity: Ramona Córdova

I am a _____ 12.09.2020

Unity at the Initiative: a multi-site visual exhibition and at-home experience centering art by and for Queer and Trans Artists of Color. I am:_____ is a blog series to get to know our partners.

As a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, poet, songwriter, sound recordist, producer and sound & visual design artist, Ramona Córdova intends to speak to the challenges of living under systems of oppression while inspiring introspection and personal growth toward the maturing of our societies.

Born in the Mojave Desert, February 17, 1984 - from Haitian-Filipino and Puerto Rican parents. Ramona Córdova is non-binary and uses they / them pronouns primarily.

Finish this sentence with a word or two: I am a:_______

unique person

What's the most half-baked hobby you took on since the COVID-19 shutdown?

working around the moon

What are you binge-watching?

aha currently orange is the new black previously POSE

What's the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

when flaka and tovah decided their radio show would be called Max Flavah

If you were to create a signature skate move, what would the move involve/look like?

i used to/still skateboard - it would be to make the board jump and flip upside down, (like a half heel-flip) i would cradle the trucks between my feet and push the board out a little forward - and then flip it back around and land rolling :)

Anything you'd like to share with the world?

introspection, maturity, responsibility, accountability and respect are keys