I am Unity: Soleil Summer

I am a _____ 12.10.2020

Unity at the Initiative: a multi-site visual exhibition and at-home experience centering art by and for Queer and Trans Artists of Color. I am:_____ is a blog series to get to know our partners.

Soleil Summer is a visual artist based in Philadelphia, PA. Through illustration, amateur comics and zine-making, she is invested in exploring personal narrative but mostly doodles or draws from life. Their preferred medium is ink with a nib/brush of some kind, although they often work digitally, striving to emulate the look and feel of traditional drawing methods.

"my work is primarily drawings from life/reference and abstract meditations in black and white, although i've begun to explore color recently. every now and then i'll spice it up with a comic."

Instagram - @7.13705

Finish this sentence with a word or two: I am a:_______

little teapot

What's the most half-baked hobby you took on since the COVID-19 shutdown?

literally my most half-baked hobby was baking, hahaha. i made *one* good cheesecake, thought i was the ace of cakes and then just retired.

What are you binge-watching?

i've binge watched so much: one on one. bob's burgers. emily in paris. queen's gambit. home movies. the great british baking show. girlfriends. also been watching a lot of people on youtube reorganize their studios and packing online orders and mix paint and whatnot.

What's the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

galactic federation memes and also one of my best friend's galactic federation conspiracies.

If you were to create a signature skate move, what would the move involve/look like?

such a good question! it'd probably involve like a spin of some kind? like a spin that would open up an abyss or whirlpool or something.

Anything you'd like to share with the world?

just drink some water, eat some food, and call your friends.