Bright red Poster of Milfadelphia with a purple picture of balloons and a big cake and pictures of host Icon Ebony Fierce, food catered by Baby’s Kusina and Market, and the fashion design.

A Letter from Anne - March 21, 2024

Diary Entry #61

OMG babies are so beautiful. Life is incredible. And my child is the most beautiful one of them all. UGHN I mean honestly? I think he might be the most adorable child in the universe. I think he should win awards for this face that he clearly inherited from me. The staff have all told me he’s cute, too. I’m positive it has nothing to do with the fact that I sign off on their paychecks.

Diary Entry #1890

I swear to Wawa if I have to dress up this diapered insomniac for another spirit day, or be put on another waitlist for an after school program I will go Florida Man on this mother****er. Oh, and my mom has the audacity to call me in the middle of an all hands staff meeting with a so-called emergency, only to ask if I remember which one of her doctors she’s seeing this week. UGH What do I look like, Mom? A personal assistant?! And ok so she did send him birthday money so thank youuuuu. She doesn’t need to know I got my manicure touched up in time for the gala with those two twenty dollar bills she so confidently sent by mail. (How did she never learn not to send cash by mail? Didn’t I learn that from her?) 

Diary Entry #2069

Caregivers deserve more. And by more, I mean they, I mean WE…we deserve a party where we can dress up and feel special. You know, I think I deserve an award for looking out for my fellow mom. In fact, we should have an event right here at AAI where we parade all these fabulous mothas and mothers and nanays and más and work moms and dad moms. I’m so glad I came up with this idea! It was surely not the brilliant synthesis of ideas generated by the staff in a participatory process led by the fundraising team.


I am so delighted to be in the warming throes of spring, with the equinox bringing the motha out of all of us, to announce the arrival of AAI’s 2024 season of music and writing and friendship and care. And that means… IT IS TIME TO FUNDRAISE. We’re back for a third year of MILFADELPHIA, except this time it’s gonna be about LOOKS. We’re staging a fashion show! And a market! We have an incredible mafia of stylists like Richmond Tan and icons like Ebony Fierce, leading the night of festivities, to raise money for our youth programs. Mark your calendars for May 9. This is a totally unique and unforgettable event to celebrate that mama in your life! Nominate them to become a model! Take them to our night market! Get them our Milfadelphia gear! THEY WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU DID FOR THEM AND YOU SHOULD NEVER FORGET WHAT WE DO FOR YOU.

Let’s hear it y’all.