Speaking Out Against Anti-Asian Rhetoric & Hate During COVID-19

Featured Writing 4.17.2020

We won’t tolerate racism of any kind. The Governor of Pennsylvania won’t tolerate it. Philadelphia City Council won’t stand for it. Councilwoman Helen Gym especially won’t suffer racist cretins. The Mayor definitely doesn’t have time for this flaming trash. The Mayor’s Commission on Asian American Affairs (Chinese) (Korean) (Vietnamese) (Khmer) is tired of this crap, and is asking you to keep racist twerps in check. The National Office of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy is calling it like it is: racism is the virus. Asian Americans United, Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia, Council on American Islamic Relations-Philadelphia, Modero, Vietlead, and Woori Center have issued a joint pledge and petition to end this, and all forms of systemic and institutionalized racist claptrap. Show you care by joining in the pledges we’re sharing.

We are sick of this nonsense. All of our community leaders remind you that fighting racist vitriol and attacks against our people is a continuous effort, but this added rhetoric puts us in a direct line of violence. Tell them that you won’t tolerate it, stand for it, suffer it, have time for it nor are you willing to forget this. We’re taking names.