Voooooote 👻

Organizational Update 10.26.2020

ByAnne Ishii

Having moved to Philadelphia from New York City by way of Los Angeles almost three years ago, I was not prepared for the sheer pride and pleasure of voting in a Swing State for the first time in my life. Who knew that something I’d done so many times before could feel new and impactful at my ripe age?

But. My goodness, THE TEXT MESSAGES. And letters. And emails. And phone calls…

I knew something was up when the liquor store texted, pleading me to make a voting plan. I mean listen. I volunteered my phone number to them ages ago. But still.

So consider me an official Pennsylvanian with an expired gym membership because I’m here to remind you: we are one week away from November 3. Do your thing.


Map of polling locations in Philly

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