Batikh Batikh Film Program: Skin

Saniderm being applied on a fresh roses tattoo.

    Batikh Batikh Film Program: Skin

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    6 PM–9 PM on September 23, 2023

Through topics including tattoos, sensuality, colorism, and colonialism, this film program explores the theme of skin in the South West Asian North African (SWANA) region and its diaspora. Affected by how systems of power seek to categorize and control it, skin can influence how the body moves through spaces and notate markers of time and place. Adorned with henna, tattoos, and regalia, skin can be a powerful tool for ritual and a symbol of heritage for those in the diaspora. Featuring work by international women and LGBTQ+ artists, these films are a reminder that skin can be both armor and wound, a vulnerable barrier between our subjective world and our environments.

This event is free, but the organizers encourage donation to either of the following Mutual Aid efforts:

Image courtesy of Christina Hajjar.

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