be the cyborg: Mitamu featuring Arien Wilkerson

Portrait of artist Mitamu

    be the cyborg: Mitamu featuring Arien Wilkerson

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    8 PM–10 PM on June 2, 2023

Asian Arts Initiative and Wildflower Composers are pleased to present an evening of music with Resident Composer and Teaching Artist, Tammy Huynh, accompanied by a dance performance by Arien Wilkerson.

be the cyborg is a three movement piece commissioned by Wildflower Composers and Asian Arts Initiative. This piece reexamines how oppression has influenced how we treat and view our bodies. Through this piece, we will go through death, creation, and rebirth as we redefine how we view our bodies – ultimately creating a new found autonomy in us. be the cyborg is part of a larger work titled (NOT) SUITED FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION. The concert will include other works from this project and explore themes such as futurism, hyperconsumerism, and decolonization.

About the Artists:

Tammy Huynh, aka “mitamu”, is an interdisciplinary and multi-award winning artist who draws inspiration from all forms of storytelling. As a second generation queer, Vietnamese American, many questions surrounding identity, culture, and values collide in her practice. These questions often become the music Huynh wants to create. She is interested in creating works that explore collective storytelling through improvisation and the relationship between visual art, poetry, music, and technology. Themes she has previously explored include fragmentation and identity, multiculturalism, and most recently, futurism. 

Arien Wilkerson is an award winning queer, black, choreographer, dancer, film maker, director, producer, and installation artist.

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