Eco/Systems: Gather Closing Reception & Seed Exchange

Close up photo of Narendra Haynes work "Field of Preflection," a "meadow" of styrofoam plants decomposed by mealworm beetles.

    Eco/Systems: Gather Closing Reception & Seed Exchange

  • WHEN

    1 PM–3 PM on February 25, 2023

Calling all seed & art lovers! Asian Arts Initiative cordially invites you to come swap seeds and stories at this Closing Reception and Seed Exchange.

Eco/Systems: Gather presented installations by Bassem Yousri, Eurhi Jones, and Narendra Haynes. Over the course of the exhibit, these installations breathed, changed, and decayed. Come see the final versions of each installation.

During the closing reception, we also invite anyone to bring seeds to swap, while hearing the stories of why these seeds are so meaningful at our second annual Seed Exchange. The event will be a collaboration between TrueLove Seeds and Bahay215. Please bring your seeds and stories!

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