Taiko Presentation with Raging Asian Womxn

Two women hold drumsticks suspended above their taiko drums in a mid-performance pose.

    Taiko Presentation with Raging Asian Womxn

  • WHEN

    2 PM–4 PM on February 18, 2023

Raging Asian Womxn's (RAW) 60-min Taiko presentation is suitable for all ages.

Between performances of Taiko drumming, members of RAW from Toronto will share diverse experiences about discrimination and life challenges we have faced as Asian women, encouraging audience members to relate to our messages of empowerment by sharing stories about how we overcame fear to discover power and embrace our identities. The presentation includes Q&A with the audience at the end.

Raging Asian Womxn will also perform the previous evening, Friday, February 17, 2023, at 7pm in the Pearson-Hall Theatre in the Lang Performing Arts Center at Swarthmore College. Learn more about the performance here.

Image by Ima Jing, courtesy of RAW.

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