• WHEN

    8 PM–10 PM on October 3, 2023

TENGGER is co-presented by Asian Arts Initiative and Ars Nova Workshop.

TENGGER is a traveling musical family, made up of Pan-Asian couple, ITTA (from South Korea) and MARQIDO (from Japan), who create their brand of psychedelic New-Age drone magic through the use of Voice, Indian harmonium, and Toy instruments (played by ITTA) and synths & electronics (played by MARQIDO). The duo originally started out with the moniker “10” but since the birth of their son RAAI (who joins them on tour and playing Voice, Synth, Toy Instrument, Dance performance on stage) in 2012, have called themselves TENGGER (meaning ‘unlimited expanse of sky’ in Mongolian) to mark the expansion of the family. It also means ‘huge sea’ in Hungarian.

Travel, as spiritual experience in real environments, and the sound between the space and the audience have been central themes of their works. The family’s yearly pilgrimages inform every aspect of their art.

This concert will take place outdoors in the Pearl Street Viaduct, between 11th and 12th Streets on Pearl Street. The show's entrance will be at 12th & Pearl Streets. In the event of rain, all ticketholders will be messaged with a rain plan. There will be limited seating available, and no smoking will be allowed in the concert space.

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