SOUND TYPE Music Festival & Writers Residency


    SOUND TYPE Music Festival & Writers Residency

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    March–November 2024

SOUND TYPE is a music festival and writers residency featuring a lineup of musician and writer pairings reflecting music practice and critical feedback pushing against category, form and stereotype.

SOUND TYPE will take place over six sets across nine months, in 2024, enjoining musicians and writers to collaborate throughout the sets. Musicians from diverse backgrounds and genres will stage live concerts while the guest writers will host talk events, and facilitate workshops of different modalities for a cohort of writers.

SOUND TYPE will feature:

Victoria Shen and Mindy Seu
Che Chen and Geeta Dayal
GENG PTP and John Morrison
Tatsu Aoki and Joshua Minsoo Kim
ASA-CHANG & Junray
Tao Leigh Goffe

and more… !

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