SOUND TYPE Music Festival

SOUND TYPE is a music festival and writing workshop for musicians and writers in the Asian diaspora and beyond making brave works of music and writing about music.

This year, over the course of seven "long weekends", we will be presenting cutting edge, new music and facilitating writing and discussion environments for promising future and current music writers in Philadelphia through the gamut of interpretations of category–rock, punk, and metal to jazz, avant-garde, folkloric and much more!

SOUND TYPE will feature:

Victoria Shen and Mindy Seu
Che Chen and Geeta Dayal
GENG PTP and John Morrison
Tatsu Aoki and Joshua Minsoo Kim
ASA-CHANG & Junray
Tao Leigh Goffe

and more… !

Save the date for Victoria Shen's inaugural concert for SOUND TYPE festival on March 23. Stay tuned for more information and program dates on SOUND TYPE!

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