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Headshot of OHYUNG sitting in a dim lit area with a ray of sunlight shining on them.

OHYUNG is a Brooklyn-based Asian American experimental producer and film composer. Their music experiments with genre, gender, and noise. Drawing on ambient soundscapes, pop sensibility, punk ethos, and the contemporary sound of experimental rap, OHYUNG brings together disparate sounds and influences in their music. They have released several records: Untitled (Chinese Man with Flame) (2018 Deathbomb Arc), PROTECTOR (2020 Chinabot), GODLESS (2021 Deathbomb Arc), and most recently imagine naked! (2022 NNA Tapes). OHYUNG’s music has been featured in Them, PAPER, NOWNESS, The Wire, and was featured on NPR’s 50 Best Albums of 2022.

They score films under the name Robert Ouyang Rusli-- as a film composer they recently scored Problemista, A24's upcoming film directed by Julio Torres'. They also scored the just-released Hulu film Bruiser and the Gotham Award and Independent Spirit-Nominated film Test Pattern, as well as the Sundance Film Festival award winning short films Bambirak and Rest Stop.