The Body You Want Opening Reception

Haus of Bongba by Jongbum Kim, an immersive and colorful textile based exhibit

The Body You Want sheds light on how queer identity is shaped by and functions with the existence of sexual and gender diversity. Featuring six Asian and Asian American queer artists including Jaewon Kim, Jongbum Kim, Jason Vu, Eva Wu, Shawna Wu, and Yidan Zeng, The Body You Want explores the variable positions of Asian queer bodies through the lens of geopolitical gender norms. The exhibition investigates the ways in which each artist responds to specific cultural values in developing their own queer identity, while capturing shared experiences in the Asian Diaspora. 

This exhibition will open along with The Erotic Project with a performance by OHYUNG.

Parts of this exhibition contain sexually explicit contents. Please be mindful that this is a public space and view this work responsibly.

Image courtesy of the artist.

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