TNMOT AZTRO: 835 Hours of Hope & Despair

Photo of live performance of Arien Wilkerson with other dancers

WIP (Work in Progress): 835 Hours of Hope & Despair is a multi-sited series of performances conceived of by performance artist and cultural agitator Arien Wilkerson. Wilkerson works in collaboration with their shifting cohort of artists working in various mediums to create site responsive, spontaneous, theatrical experiences that interrogates the living social conditions that inspire violence in Black people. Not the conditions that inspire singular acts of violence —acts that can be dated and historicized— but the irrational urge to hurt, a volatile emotional state that spans generations. Using critical analysis, comedic “transposition persona,” and black queer American rags to riches stories, each performance circulates black, radical, HIV+, trans, nonbinary traditions and mindsets. Through frantic funny dialogue, sweeping dance phrases, ambitious costume changes, commentary on academic texts, we intend to reset creative potentials as ways to explore joy and self awareness.

At this event, a sliding scale of $15-25 will be at the door, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Please note this performance contains nudity.

This work was made in collaboration with performance artist Chloe Newton, Bessie nominated composer Kwami Winfield, and digital and analog media artist Jacob Weinberg.

Acting director: Domenic Pellegrini
Costumes: Hilton Palmer/Domsentfrommars
Dramaturgy: TK Smith

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